Who we are!


Museum of Humanity was created in 2001 after a dream of photographer Ruben Timman about a dilapidated and dark museum. It is a metaphor for the state of the world and our humanity. That dream is the starting point for portraying humanity worldwide as dignified as possible.

Our collection now consists of more than 8000 portraits and we visited twenty countries on five continents. Discover our museum situated in a former ammunition factory, only 30 minutes away from Amsterdam's city center. Here, humans are celebrated as true masterpieces through thought-provoking photographs. By visiting this museum, you'll be encouraged to pay closer attention to others and recognise that all human beings share the same fundamental needs. We make humanity shine with portraits and stories to create a world where every person feels seen, acknowledged and valued.

Open: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11 AM till 5 PM
No reservation needed. Pay as you like!
Only 30 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station by public transport

You'll find us here:

Museum of Humanity

Visiting address
'Building 155'
Ketelhuis 10
1505 RD Zaandam

Mailing address
Affuitenhal 1
1505 RE Zaandam

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Or call: +31-619 561 732 (preferably a Whatsapp message!)

Collaborate with us!

Are you looking for a meaningful way to promote inclusion and empowerment in your community or organization? The Museum of Humanity offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with us and spread our message of every person's value and dignity.

As a non-profit organization, we organize pop-up exhibitions worldwide with a black photo tent, inviting people to have their picture taken. Our approach is simple but powerful: we believe that by showing people as they are, without frills or filters, we can convey that every person matters, regardless of origin, status, or background. By combining portraits of people with different backgrounds in one exhibition, we create a visual statement that promotes meeting and connection, and lifts people above opinions, conflicts, pain, and sadness.

We invite you to join us in this mission and bring our exhibition to your community or organization. Whether you are a local government, a school, a cultural center, or a business, you can collaborate with us and customize the exhibition to your needs and goals. By partnering with the Museum of Humanity, you can contribute to a more peaceful and just world, and inspire others to see the beauty and worth in every person. Contact us today to learn more about how we can cooperate and make a difference together.

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