Opening We are Zaanstad


On the 25th of June – during the week of the longest day – we will open the unique exposition “We are Zaanstad” in the museum.

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12.30 pm
World Picnic

Eating together fraternizes! So bring a delicious dish from your culture and share it with each other. To celebrate humanity together!

14.00 hours
Opening exhibition 'We are Zaanstad'

Festive opening in which we share all nationalities from the municipality of Zaanstad with the world.

2.30 pm
Music, workshops and meeting

To further increase the festive spirit, we have various workshops and performances on the site between the Museum of Humanity and BIND.

• We organise the Celebration of Humanity together with our friends at Bind. You can get drinks in their garden!
Bring your own bottle of water; we provide various water points!

• Entrance is free! We are happy to make a donation to cover the costs. You can do that safely here or on the day itself.

• Note: We photographed almost 400 people for 'We are Zaanstad'. Everyone is part of the exposition, but not all with a large photo. This is because we were looking for 1 representative of each nationality for the exhibition for this project. Keep that in mind! However, everyone can pick up their print for free and you will still receive the photo by email!

Frequently Asked Questions Celebration of Humanity Saturday 25 June 2022

Where is the Feast of Humanity?
Around the Museum of Humanity and restaurant BIND on the Hembrug site in Zaandam.

Can I park there?
Yes you can, although we recommend that you come by bike, on foot or by public transport. It can get busy. Also because there is a major event elsewhere on the site (Big Art). Traffic wardens will direct you to Verloren Spoor if you come by car. GOOGLE MAPS

Can I come by public transport?
Look for this at

What time does the program start?
You are welcome on the site from 12 noon. At 12.30 pm we start with the World Picnic. This will be followed by the opening of the new exhibition Wij zijn Zaanstad at 2 p.m. Then there are workshops and music from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

I'm coming to the World Picnic. Do I have to bring my own food?
Yes, we do the picnic together! We have tables ready for each continent. Place your dish at the corresponding continent. Then we share the dishes with each other and we can taste all kinds of dishes.

Do I have to bring my own drink?
Drinks are only available for a fee at BIND. There are water points where you can get free water. It is recommended that you bring your own bottle of water.

Do I need to bring plates and cutlery for the picnic?
Preferably yes, although we also provide plates and cutlery.

Do I need to bring a chair?
No, we have long tables and benches that you can sit at. A picnic blanket is recommended!

Does it go on when it rains?
The opening and the party will certainly continue, but we cannot guarantee everyone a dry place. There are umbrellas and a few gazebos for shelter. In that case, bring an umbrella or rain gear!

What do I have to pay for the Feast of Humanity?
The day is free for you as a visitor. However, the event costs money and that is why we ask you to make a donation without obligation. This can be done online or cash on the day. You can also buy various products that help make our work possible.
You can safely donate here!

Can I bring my children?
Secure! We have several fun activities for children. From hair braiding to a treasure hunt and from old Dutch games to making a portrait with a ladle.

Can I use the toilet on site?
You can go to the toilet at Bind. There is no toilet in the Museum of Humanity itself.

Is the site wheelchair accessible?
The site of the Feast of Humanity is easily accessible for wheelchairs. The museum is located in a dilapidated building. As a result, the floor is uneven in some places. This is not a problem for wheelchairs. The museum is not suitable for barefoot visits.

Can I enter the museum whenever I want?
On Saturday 25 June you can only enter after 2 p.m. Please note that a maximum of 50 people must be inside at a time. You may have to wait to get in.

Where can I pick up my photo of Wij zijn Zaanstad?
This is obvious when you enter the site. We will send the digital photo by email after June 25, 2022. If you want to check your details, come to the information table or the black photo tent.

Do you have any questions call or app Museum of Humanity on 06-19561732